Administrative CAPM

With the CAPM of the COPILOTE ERP you can define your first production stage. In addition to creating your parts lists, the basis for what influences your industrial manufacturing price and your traceability is established.


Gestion de production administrative

•  Entry of part lists and definition of raw materials, semi-finished products, quantities, replacement products, etc.
•  Definition of different nomenclature status: industrialization, testing, etc.
•  Administration of the yield controls: definition of tolerance limits for purchases
•  Definition of batch entry rules: FEFO, FIFO …
•   Use case management
•  Calculation of allergens: available, possible …
•   Automatic calculation of the composition of your nomenclature
•  Manual start of production orders (PO)


CAPM Production plans / work plans

You can define all of your production processes in the work plans. There are many advantages:
To feed the backbone of your manufacturing cost calculation, to create your production plans and your planning precisely.

•  Creation of work plans in connection with production nomenclatures
•  Definition of the various processes: preparation time, cycle times, performance levels
•  Management of job requirements and standard times
•  Definition of resources and machine occupancy rate
•  Serves as the basis for creating your production plans
•  Allows you to calculate your industrial manufacturing costs

Production planning

You benefit from a better overview of your upcoming production, the various interdependencies and the timely anticipation. As a functional module at the heart of the CAPM, you can call up data from the sales forecast module and feed it into the planning module.

•  Integration of sales forecasts, stocks and firm orders into planning
•  Production planning by determining the quantities to be released: automatically or manually according to calculation rules
•  Definition of different planning scales: months, weeks, days …
•  Creation of production simulations on different levels
•  Bulk output of production orders and subordinate production orders
•  Possibility to control the production orders immediately after ordering
•  Provision of the net requirement calculation



•   Better visibility of the offer
•   Better management of lot sizes
•   Better visibility of the current production process on different levels


Net requirement calculation

In conjunction with the production planning module, you can plan your supply requirements as well as your human  and machine resources as well as possible.

• Calculation of requirements: raw materials, labor, number of machines / type
• Calculation of the machine occupancy
• Highlight the various upcoming interruptions
• Provisioning proposal depending on the stock and the quantity to be produced
• Data transfer to the deployment plan
• Simulation of the different requirements in connection with production planning





•   Cost optimization: possibility to anticipate raw material purchases
•   Better control of personnel planning
•   Optimization of the machine occupancy rates
•   Increasing the visibility of production and procurement


Planning of production orders

In industry, an overall assessment of the manufacturing process over time is essential in order to produce the desired quantities in the given time. Use the PO Operations Scheduling module from COPILOTE and optimize your work areas.

• Creation of one or more planning configuration models
• Selection of the activities planned according to statistics (filter by time period, location, machine, etc.)
• Management of unscheduled operations
• Parameterizable tree view of planned and unplanned processes
• Provision of a GANTT view with adjustment of the period to be displayed and personalization of the information provided
• Use drag & drop to move activities to the various tables or to the GANTT view
• Adjustment of the start and end date of the operation to the current time
• Two planning modes: manual or automatic (resolution according to restrictions: sorting criteria, due dates, etc.)
• Effects of planning on upstream and downstream workshops
• Calculation of inventory coverage for each operation
• Actions possible on the screen: creating, assigning, subdividing or grouping POs,
• Consideration of possible downtimes





•   Optimized use of resources
•   Time savings in the order of operations
•   Easy integration of unscheduled production processes
•   Screen ergonomics and user friendliness thanks to WEB


Calculation of manufacturing costs / unit price

The manufacturing price calculation is an essential indicator. It is important to determine the actual cost of a product. Control your product price with the COPILOTE ERP and optimize your production costs.

• Definition of your standard production prices
• Preparation of the unit cost budget
• Creation of your indicators: theoretical production price / real price
• Tool to simulate your sales by making different prices fluctuate
• Direct link with your operational areas and operational consumption





•   Better intervention in your processe

•  Provision of your PRI in real times by controlling the manufacturing costs