The COPILOTE ERP Workshop Supervisor offers your production employees an entertaining and tactile environment.


It translates all the elements offered by the CAPM module: display of your recipes, PO creation … In particular, all entries can be made in production.


• Installation of intuitive and tactile capture screens in production

• Adaptation of the screens: in operation, at the operator …

• Status display of the production orders: planned, executed, in progress …

• Visualization of the batches to be processed by flashing display

• Consumption of raw materials and consumables: connection with scales possible

• Record of working hours in relation to work schedules

• Recording of machine downtimes and the associated reasons

• Record of your material losses and NOK parts

• Creation and provision of instruction sheets / work instructions

• Issue of tracking sheets / routing slips

• Issues of the various production labels

• Calculation of your real unit costs based on the work schedules


  Zero paper goal in the workshop
  Allows data to be provided for calculating unit costs
  Precise visualization of all your consumption and time spent
  Accurate traceability of your movements