The CMMS (Computer Aided Maintenance Management) software : What if you managed your machine park from your ERP?


The CMMS (Computer Aided Maintenance Management) software is available in three levels. It consists of basic files, control and inventory management.

Since it is important to have a working production tool, a CMMS tool is required to facilitate the monitoring of preventive or corrective machine maintenance. It is also essential to have the parts necessary for this maintenance. Thanks to the COPILOTE CMMS tool, your spare parts stocks are also managed via the ERP. You manage all branches of your company in a single software. This way you get information from all modules for better responsiveness.

Thanks to the statistics and dashboard tool, you can set up monitoring of ongoing and / or future maintenance, view the missing parts compared to the parts ordered, and check the status of the service plan. Also compare it to the resources available in terms of technicians or equipment for example.

In this way you optimize the availability of your devices and improve your production yields. The traceability of parts and interventions is ensured via the ERP.


•  Optimization of the device availability

•  Improved production yields

•  Improved planning of interventions

•  Improved traceability and diagnostic support

•  Improved maintenance team performance

•  Reduction of maintenance costs (more targeted intervention)

•  Reduction of spare parts inventory costs

•  Downsizing through better management