Commercial management

What if you build your tailor-made commercial management?


Pictogrammes Gestion Commerciale ERP agro et cosmétique COPILOTE et INFOLOGICCOPILOTE’s commercial management software, dedicated to the food industry, is available in four levels. It is made up of purchasing management, sales management, point of sale management and the web portal.

Beyond these main modules, COPILOTE’s commercial management software offer adjusts to your business and your activity thanks to various functionalities such as rebate budgets, purchase disputes, sales disputes, import / export, contract management, representative commissions, quotes… with the main aim of optimizing your management.

The ease of use, the ergonomics of the user station, the customization of the most used functions, make COPILOTE a tool that increases efficiency. All statistics and dashboards are cross-cutting concepts also taken into account in this offer. Data is returned in real time, in a simple and accessible way.

If you are an agri-food trader, the commercial management of COPILOTE is also made for you.


Module Achats de la gestion commerciale de l'ERP agro COPILOTE

Module Ventes de la gestion commerciale de l'ERP aro et cosmétique COPILOTE d'INFOLOGICModule Points de vente de la gestion commerciale de l'ERP COPILOTE agro et caisse pour magasins reliée à l'ERP COPILOTEModule Portail web de la gestion commerciale de l'ERP agro et cosmétique COPILOTE d'INFOLOGIC
























•   Simplicity of basic files: customer, supplier, material, product, article, etc.

•   Ergonomics and simplicity of the user station with a configurable and customizable environment

•   Improved productivity and rapidity of entries

•   Simplicity of consultations and editions via the ERP decision-making module