Purchasing module

Use the COPILOTE purchasing management to manage your suppliers, raw materials, prices, orders, etc.


The security of administrative processes, fluctuations in raw material prices, delivery times, the quality of the goods … so many problematic issues that you can control with COPILOTE’s purchasing management. You optimize your procurement functions with a powerful tool and adapt it to your business needs.

La gestion des achats de l'ERP COPILOTE et toutes les fonctionnalités achats
Pictogrammes du module de gestion commerciale de l'ERP Copilote (achat, ventes, portail web, gestion de caisse...)

The standard purchasing module of COPILOTE ERP offers the following functions :     

Management of basic files: Management of procurement items, materials and suppliers.

Price management according to suppliers and references, supplier discounts and taxes.

Management of supplier orders and order balances.

Management of incoming goods with defined quality controls: quality, quantity, batch size, replacement, identification errors, origin of the products …

Supplier invoice with the option of down payments. 

Control of delivery times to avoid disruptions and production requirements as well as simplification of the purchasing process by controlling the flow of goods.


Many additional functions are available to bring your purchasing module closer to your requirements :

discount budgets

management of tenders

Supplier contract management

Management of purchasing disputes

Administration of import and tax returns …


•   Purchases at the best price of constant and known quality

•   Control of delivery flows and deadlines

•   Simplification of the administrative tasks for processing purchases

•   Ability to have additional functions according to your requirements