Sales module

Use the sales management of COPILOTE ERP to optimize your orders, your sales flow, your business operations, your product prices, etc.


The security of the administrative processes, a good fulfillment rate, adherence to delivery times. These are so many points that you can control with the “Sales Management” module from COPILOTE. 

You optimize your commercial functions and your business management thanks to a powerful tool.


Schéma descriptif des fonctionnalités ventes de l'ERP agro et cosmétique appelé COPILOTE

Pictogrammes descriptifs du module gestion commerciale de l'ERP COPILOTE

In addition, you can adapt it to your company-specific needs. The standard sales module of COPILOTE ERP offers the following functions:

Management of basic files: articles and customers with the possibility of categorical changes

Management of customer prices, discounts and special prices

 Administration of taxes and bonuses / penalties for late delivery

Management of customer orders, delivery schedules and blocked orders with the option of ordering via telesales, EDI or tablet, depending on the options selected

Management of deliveries

Customer invoice with the option of sending invoices in PDF with certified archiving.


There are many additional functions available with which you can adapt tailor-made sales software to your needs:


Discount budgets

Management of transport costs, optimization of transport costs

Handling of complaints

Export management

Management of sales forecasts and business processes

Management of codes etc.

Zoom on the sales forecasts of the COPILOTE ERP


Sales forecasts are essential for an anticipatory approach, and thus allow better planning of all means, an increase in productivity gains, a reduction in material losses… For this, discover the sales forecasts of the COPILOTE ERP.

Main features:

Management of forecasts at different horizons: annual, monthly, weekly, daily

Configuration of forecasts by item, by customer, by site, etc. according to your needs

Calculation of end-of-shelf forecasts from sales history (deducted from exceptional sales)

Correction and smoothing of sales histories Integration of planned commercial operations with customers

Valuation of forecast quantities for establishing a budget or commercial objectives

Ease of entry thanks to the grouping of forecast lines

Customization of the forecast entry screen

Graphic visualization of historical quantities and forecast quantities

Supplying the production schedule with sales forecasts

Production of statistics and dashboards giving indicators and trends Sales 

Forecasts in demo





•   Data integrated into the ERP

•   Anticipation of activity

•   Cash savings thanks to optimized inventory management

•   Forecast management facilitated by ergonomics

•   Time saving

•   Realization of forecasts on reliable data