Connect your ERP to an online sales site via the COPILOTE web portal.


After observing that professionals are increasingly selling via a website, INFOLOGIC has decided to expand its offer with a web portal linked to ERP. In this way you have an additional sales channel in addition to the telesales, EDI, cash register management modules available in COPILOTE ERP.

Pictogrammes présentant l'ERP agro COPILOTE et son portail web intégréFonctionnalités du portail web intégré à l'ERP COPILOTE agro

Setting up a web portal connected to COPILOTE ERP so that your customers have reserved online access; secured by a login and a password.

Take orders directly from the retailer, with pre-filled information and data being automatically transferred to COPILOTE so that your customers have the option of placing orders other than by phone, fax or email.

Paramétrage simple dans la fiche client de l’ERP pour donner accès à l’utilisateur final.

Easy configuration in the customer ERP file to give the end user access.

Direct access to the items in your catalog, warehousing, clearance and promotions with the possibility of also consulting the technical data sheets.

Quickly add to cart.

Customer access to the status of an order in real time.

 Access to invoices, outstanding balances and late payments.

Proposal and creation of personalized layouts of your web portal according to the charter and communication of your company. 

EDI connection between the two universes synchronized taking into account the two security protocols. 

Providing dashboards to the end user (unpaid invoices, pending orders, etc.).



•   Provision of an additional type of order directly on the Internet

•   Securing your information system: The COPILOTE ERP network and your web portal network are not directly connected to each other

•   Easy setup of new users directly in COPILOTE

•   No repetition of data entry in your system, as everything is integrated directly into the ERP

•   Considerable time savings for your sales department