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Pictogrammes illustrant le module Décisionnel de l'ERP COPILOTE d'INFOLOGICIn order to properly manage your business, it is important to monitor the key indicators of your activity. With the decision module of COPILOTE ERP, you can create all the reports and statistics you want in real time for all the data that you have formalized in your ERP. You also have access to key indicators in the form of reports and dashboards. With the most accurate visualization of your data, the reports and dashboards tool is a real ally for making the right decisions.

Status and Statistics:

•  Creation of status reports and statistics with your data from COPILOTE modules such as sales, purchasing, accounting, production …

•  Data management: returns, centralization, data in real time

•  Management of access rights according to user profile.

•  Data processing: quick modification of reports and statistics, export, graphic display

•  Scheduling reports and statistics, scheduled and recurring emailing, monitoring of indicators and management of alarm thresholds.


Reports and Dashboards :

•    Development of pre-defined and diverse reports, pre-configured and dynamic dashboards, easy to create and use, adaptable to your profile

•    Providing an overview of the business.

•  Vision by Business according to the existing COPILOTE modules: monitoring of customer indicators, supplier evaluations, analysis of production gaps, cost price study, preparation monitoring, etc.


Simulations and analyzes :

Simulations to compare recorded data with new data

TARGET / ACTUAL analyzes

Planning of simulations with scheduled and recurring sending by email.


Schéma module décisionnel ERP COPILOTE





• 100% INFOLOGICAL decision-making tool

• Real-time information

• Real decision support and monitoring tool

• Use of all ERP data with a module at the heart of the COPILOTE application

• Fast training and user-friendly solution