Dematerialization EDI

With the EDI dematerialization of the COPILOTE ERP invoices, you dematerialize and archive your invoices in accordance with the rules of tax legislation.


Fonctionnalités du module EDI et la dématérialisation EDI des factures de l'ERP agro COPILOTEPictogrammes pour le module EDI et la dématérialisation EDI des factures de l'ERP agro COPILOTE

INFOLOGIC offers two additional offers for electronic invoicing:

•  PDF dematerialization, better suited for sending invoices to customers who do not have to automatically integrate these invoices into their IT system.

•  EDI dematerialization, more suitable for customers who require invoices received to be automatically integrated. These are usually large retailers.


Main features of EDI electronic invoicing:

  Automatic integration of EDI invoices into your system.

  Automatic control of the validity of your invoices and the existence of legally required data.

  GS1 certification: Enables ensuring that the presence of all mandatory data is checked, that the content of the invoice can be clearly reproduced from the content of the EDI message and that the invoice cannot be changed afterwards after it has been created.

  There is no need to process and send paper invoices to customers.

  Elimination of 10-year paper archiving on the customer and supplier side.

  Secure archiving of invoices for 10 years in an “electronic safe” that meets the standards required by the Ministry of Finance.

•  Consultation of dematerialized invoices at any time via the INFOLOGIC platform for invoice dematerialization.


•   Provision of an additional service for GMS customers

•   Lower billing costs

•   Reduced invoice processing time

•   Reduction of paper consumption

•   Easier invoice search

•   Archiving in an electronic safe for 10 years