EDI customers and suppliers

Use the COPILOTE ERP EDI module for customers and suppliers to communicate efficiently and securely with your customers and suppliers.


EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) accelerates the flow of information and at the same time reduces the number of repeat entries. This best practice is vital when working with large grocers. The advantages are indisputable: quality of the information sent, speed of data transmission, visibility … The COPILOTE Agro ERP fulfills all requirements, especially technical ones, and ensures quality support for your customers and suppliers.

Fonctionnalités pour le module EDI clients et fournisseurs de l'ERP agro COPILOTE d'INFOLOGIC
Pictogrammes du module EDI clients et fournisseurs de l'ERP agro COPILOTE

Setting up an EDI exchange by sending EDI messages such as “order”, “invoice”, “dispatch notification” with all your suppliers.

Provision of basic files from the COPILOTE ERP modules that do not have to be used separately.

Response to traceability standards with simplified administration and NVE or SSCC monitoring.

Graphical and tabular representation of orders, invoices … and their status.

Set up e-mail notifications for incorrect messages and edit messages in PDF format.

Save time with EDI data transmission to your customers and suppliers …