Logistics Service Provider EDI

Use the EDI service provider module of COPILOTE ERP to exchange ideas with your contacts.


Pictogrammes pour le module EDI et l'EDI prestation de l'ERP agro COPILOTEFonctionnalités du module EDI prestation de l'ERP agro COPILOTE

Management of procurement notifications, delivery orders, monitoring of outsourced stocks of your logistics service providers with the COPILOTE ERP EDI.


Automate the receipt of transport orders and reduce the number of disputes related to the manual management of these transport orders.


Eliminate unnecessary re-labeling efforts and reduce the cost of reprinting certain labels.


Data reliability (basic data, transport plan, traceability, etc.).


Correspondence of your goods and information flows.


Providing traceability and transparency between the shipper, the carrier and the recipient