Standard EDI


In order to communicate efficiently and in complete safety with your customers and suppliers, adopt the EDI of COPILOTE, relational tool by excellence.


The EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) accelerates and optimizes the information flow, by reducing the number of new entries. This practice is unavoidable with large food retail. The gains are obvious: quality of the information sent, speed of data transmission, visibility…COPILOTE raises all the requirements, especially technical, and ensures a quality EDI approach for your customers and suppliers:

   Dispose of the basic files generated by the COPILOTE module and not having to be processed individually.

   Answer to the traceability standards with a simplified management and the SSCC tracking.

   Display the orders graphically and in table, the invoices…and their progress status.

   Perform the notification configuration by e-mail for the messages in anomaly, edit your messages in PDF format.

   Gain in speed in the data transmission between you and your customers and/or suppliers…