Supervisor EDI

With the EDI supervisor, you can manage all your EDI flows and all statuses in peace and quiet and manage a complete visualization of your EDI flows.


Fonctionnalités du superviseur EDI, écran du module EDI de l'ERP COPILOTE agroSchéma descriptif des fonctionnalités EDI de l'ERP agro et cosmétique appelé COPILOTE d'INFOLOGIC

You can control your delays, quickly identify error messages … and start corrective measures in real time.

This important screen, which in our technical language is referred to as “EDI Supervisor”, offers our customers unparalleled advantages:


•    Visibility: Complete visualization of EDI flows and defined states (receipt, validation, integration) with associated color codes for immediate identification of incidents (orders with anomalies, etc.).


•  Diagnostics: Immediate query of anomalies, providing an associated error message, indicating, for example, inconsistencies between the messages sent and the command.


•  Intervention: start corrective actions in real time and in complete autonomy on the lines concerned directly on this screen.


•  Confirmation: then integration of orders after correction and without outside help.


With the COPILOTE EDI Supervisor you can control and manage all your EDI flows completely calmly and autonomously. All of our customers who work with retail chains use it on a daily basis.