What if you had the whole picture of your accounts ?


The finances offer of COPILOTE is destined to companies who want to approach the accounting to other services, by reducing to the maximum the entry and checking time and by increasing the capacity to fill in the economic indicators of the company.

All the possibilities are taken into account for the holding of different accountings :

  the creation of your general accounting in a standard way,

  the association of a cost accounting allowing you to analyze your different stations,

  the piloting of your financial activity via the budgetary accounting allowing you to simulate various scenarios according to your constraints,

  a specific attention on your auxiliary accounting by the management of contentious customers, fees notes, budget rebates…

The main advantages of the finances module of COPILOTE are :

  an accounting management at the center of COPILOTE

  providing the decision-making module of COPILOTE to perform strong requests,

  configured status as presentation and consolidation tool of multi-company accounting data,

  an intuitive and easy to use tool for time saving especially for the daily processings.

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