Accounting – other functions

With the BUDGET MODULE of the COPILOTE ERP you have a real verification and control tool with which you can create comprehensive budgets.


Accurate estimate of the planned income and expenses that will be made during the financial year, with the exception of movements of funds that are operated on behalf of third parties or only affect cash flow.


Initial budget: information by manager account with cost accounting, budget breakdown by account and by analytical section, possibility of entering an investment budget for class 2 accounts.


Ability to enter or import a budget revision during the year.


Analysis of the deviations TARGET / ACTUAL or comparison with the last budget reached for the requested period.


Budget import via Excel









Constant monitoring of the budget
Control of forecast income and expenses


ANALYTICAL ACCOUNTING Cost accounting is a real management tool for the company. Thanks to the COPILOTE ERP analysis tool, you have the most accurate forecasts and budgets to set up real control.

Determination and analytical breakdown of costs and products.


Analysis of costs and margins according to company-specific criteria.


Reallocation of costs to a provisional department (cost center), the final breakdown of which is only known at the end of the period. These preliminary cost centers are then emptied and charged to the actual departments.


Reallocation of cost centers to profit centers.


Information and breakdown of additional costs, at the same time as the amount of the manufacturing costs, for ongoing calculation and analysis of the unit costs.


Creation of an analysis tree to define the analysis grouping criteria: Profit center to analyze the desired margin and cost centers.










• Analytical monitoring to identify deviations
• Profitability optimization with ratio calculation
• Monitoring of key indicators


And many other functions that complement the accounting and financial services of the COPILOTE ERP …

Schéma descriptif des autres fonctionnalités du module Finances de l'ERP COPILOTESchéma descriptif des autres fonctionnalités du module Finances de l'ERP COPILOTE



Fixed assets for managing assets that have been acquired by the company and used sustainably and ensuring that assets and depreciation are properly managed


Manage subscriptions and payables for expenses related to a department’s budget and duties such as taxes and insurance.


Credit management with entry and calculation of interest tables, payment of due dates and the possibility of granting loans to partners …


Credit Management.


Cross-company management to centralize the information exchanged between the different companies for an integrated management of the different companies.