General accounting

With the general and additional accounting of the COPILOTE, you have all the data you need to analyze the performance of your company.


Pictogrammes d'illustration du module finances de l'ERP COPILOTESchéma descriptif des fonctionnalités comptabilité générale de l'ERP agro et cosmétique appelé COPILOTE Bank account management with bookkeeping recording of all movements, in particular portfolio management of customers, suppliers, bank reconciliation.


Value added tax management: deductible value added tax after receipt of payment, value added tax on collection, value added tax return.


Withholding tax: Find the fee amounts to be declared and create a standardized file for the tax administration.


Account assignments, assignments, deletion of general accounts.


Settlement of periods and fiscal year.


Manual entry and management of accounting entries that are integrated from COPILOTE purchases and sales and that have been imported from other software via data processing.


Additional accounting to manage all movements and accounting information with customers and suppliers.


Bank statements and account information: standard accounting statements, balances that can be personalized and created independently of your own documents.


•   Accounting management is fully integrated in the COPILOTE ERP

•   Provision of the decision module of the COPILOTE ERP for the execution of powerful queries / searches

•   Parameter reports as a tool for the presentation and consolidation of cross-company accounting data

•   An intuitive and user-friendly tool that saves time, especially when used daily