Logistics module

The loading control and the pallet control take into account the entire management of your warehouse up to the dispatch of your finished products.

Pictogrammes représentant le module WMS de l'ERP COPLIOTE

Pallet control

Pallet inspection is essential prior to loading to ensure that no errors have occurred during palletizing and that the correct products are being shipped. Simplify your task thanks to the pallet control tool COPILOTE ERP!

• Creation and modification of pallets in the administration department with administrative pallet control
• Management of the composition of single product, single product, multi-product, multiple, multi-product and multi-customer pallets
• Pallet labeling
• Control of the pallet contents by PDA and validation of the packaging
• Pallet shipping

Loading control

The COPILOTE tool for charging control is a real software solution for planning and executing physical processes and a real asset to your logistics platform.

• Truck load management and control
• Visualization of planned transports on a specific day and in a specific period
• Various information: arrival of the driver, platform used, temperature of the truck, capacity of the truck, etc.
• Management of truck status: at the dock, until departure, etc.
• Visualization of the loading plan for placing the pallets in the truck, possibility of stacking two pallets
• Load control with alarm in the event of incomplete loading
• End of loading and validation of the shipment document
• Signature of the driver on the PDA, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA, translated into German: personal digital assistant)
• Issue of the transport documents: transport ticket, loading plan


•  Additional checks before dispatch
•  Identification of palletizing errors
•  Saves time checking pallets
•  Optimization of the inbound and outbound transport streams
•  Simplified management using a PDA
•  Guaranteed autonomy for the drivers of your hauliers
•  Saving a job without compromising the quality of service
•  Ability to contact the carrier in the event of a dispute