PLM : … and what if you had the right tools to develop your new products?


With increasing competition, the food industry is constantly developing new products. INFOLOGIC now offers a PLM tool in its ERP COPILOTE, which facilitates the management of the product life cycle from the specification of the specifications to the end of the product life cycle. The innovation process and the commercialization of new products are accelerated while the project risks are fully controlled.

The main advantages of the COPILOTE PLM tool are as follows:

•  Facilitating the management of the company’s product life cycle

•  Accelerate the innovation process and bring new products to market.

•  Respond to customer requests for tenders and observe the requirements of the specifications.

•  Make real-time data available and use it.

•  Facilitating communication between the R&D and production departments.

•  Use the same tool and avoid re-entry errors from software to software and the risks associated with interfaces.

The main functions of the COPILOTE PLM tool are as follows:

•  Management of project files to keep track of the life cycle of each product

•  Management of the product repository.

•  Management of the attached documents.

•   Product formulation in the form of nomenclatures.

•  Taking into account the limitations associated with the specifications (composition, quantity, cost price, nutritional values, etc.).

•  Provision of a nutritional standard.

•  Implementation of simulations.

•  Provision of questionnaires to validate the project phases.




•   Reduce time to market for new products
•   Improvement of product quality and compliance with specifications
•   Easier communication between R&D and production
•   Reduced product development costs