Quality : How to take into account an old and recurring concern in the Food Industry sector ?


At the end of the 1990s, a succession of health crises called into question consumers’ confidence in the safety of foodstuffs. To restore this confidence, the European Commission has carried out a major overhaul of Community legislation in this area. Despite these regulatory changes which make the European system one of the strictest in the world in terms of health, consumers are increasingly demanding with regard to the health quality of products.

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Today, in the food sector, quality is therefore an essential element of business strategy and a determining factor in consumer choices. The COPILOTE ERP, which covers a large panel of business functions, offers a complete range of modules that will allow you to take into account your quality constraints in order to meet sanitary and hygienic requirements.

Discover the COPILOTE Quality offer to ensure the marketing of your products with optimal sanitary quality: 

Control of raw materials on receipt, work in progress, finished products, supplier audits, HACCP, good practices hygiene, efficient traceability system, withdrawal procedure… but also to meet many general ISO-type standards, and more technical ones relating, for example, to a procedure for an analysis of microbiological quality.


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