NOK product management

The management of deviations is essential in the food industry. It enables identification of the type and number of malfunctions and the corrective actions to be taken.


Based on a continuous improvement approach, the quality module of the COPILOTE ERP offers you the opportunity to monitor and manage the irregularities found in your finished products or during manufacture. As a replacement for paper, data entry is quick and you have all the information you need to start your corrective action plans.

Fonctionnalités pour la gestion des non-conformités dans l'ERP agro COPILOTEPictogrammes gestion de la qualité dans l'ERP agro COPILOTE : non-conformités, traçabilité, plans de contrôle qualité, auto-contrôles...
Creation of non-compliance sheets in real time on different screens (production station, warehouse position, warehouse advice, statistics, etc.).


Follow-up of the nonconformance processing steps: detection, entry, processing, closure and quality notation.


Administration of various user rights according to the processing steps.


Ability to define the types of non-compliance and provide different groups of customizable fields according to the requirements and types of non-compliance.


Ability to include photos in the entry of non-compliance


Ability to set up pre-filled forms


Final report of non-compliance: quality mark, input of a comment, change of status, editing of the file.


Provision of statistics and dashboards for monitoring indicators.


Simplification of the process for dealing with deviations
Time savings for teams
Reduced risk of errors
Better information exchange between departments
Provision of relevant indicators for deviations
Paperless application