Quality control plans

Equip your quality department with the quality control plans of COPILOTE ERP with a powerful tool.


Pictogrammes représentant la chaîne qualité de l'ERP agro COPILOTE : traçabilité, PCQ, non conformités, contrôles...Fonctionnalités pour les plans de contrôle qualité (PCQ) incluent dans l'ERP agro COPILOTE

In addition to the self-tests carried out by the production operators, the quality department must carry out additional tests and analysis. The COPILOTE quality control plans enable measurements and controls on batches, production orders, workshops, production units, etc.

Creation of quality control plans to control a process or the conformance  to  customers’ quality requirements.

Administration of samples in general and / or laboratory samples.

Definition of the types of items to be tested and performed (raw materials upon receipt, etc.).

Definition of calculation rules to link quality measurements with quality control.

Definition of the input of the measurements to be carried out, the number of elements to be checked.

Choice of frequency type: systematic input, frequency with or without indicator.

Automatic monitoring of the inclusion of all configured control and measurement types.

Automatic creation of result sheets according to the type of inspection and the element to be inspected.

Manual creation of result sheets for analyzes that are not included in internal controls.

Automatic generation of control tasks in the results sheet to carry out the input.

Input of analysis results from a laboratory.

Input of the checks to be carried out in the workshop on the tablet.

Management of the status of the results sheet: new, in progress, waiting for counter samples, to be validated, to be completed …

Entering a decision to validate the results sheet: accepted, except accepted, rejected.



Structuring of the quality controls in the company
Time savings for the quality department
Reduced risk of errors
Improved product quality
Better information exchange between departments