Traceability is a key element for a company operating in the food industry.


In the event of a health problem, it is important to be able to act as soon as possible to identify the batches to be removed from the market. Thanks to the traceability of the COPILOTE Agro ERP, you can benefit from perfect traceability before and after operation


Schéma descriptif fonctionnalité traçabilité qualité ERP COPILOTEPictogrammes module Qualité ERP COPILOTE

Cross-functional functionality in COPILOTE ERP, which can be accessed via all modules such as purchases, sales, stocks, CAPM …

Search for batches in production, sales, warehouse, order preparation, etc., release of the associated batches and feedback on traceability.

 Identification of finished products obtained from raw materials during manufacture

Identification of the finished products based on the raw materials used in each manufacturing phase.

Knowledge of the manufacturing processes in which these raw materials were used.

Control of traceability upstream and downstream.

Search by batch, expiry date, goods code, supplier, customer, date of receipt ..

Extraction of the traceability tree in Excel.

Consideration of the standard (CE) No. 178/2002.


Improved product traceability
Reduced risk of errors
Ability to react to risk
Efficient product return system