WMS: What if you had an ERP that also manages your logistics platform?


From 10 to 1,200 workstations, the WMS (Warehouse Management System) of the COPILOTE ERP is a set of modules ensuring the management and operational optimization of warehouses. This includes: receptions, storage, order preparation, packaging, shipments but also and transport of your goods with the following functionalities:

Pictogrammes représentant le module WMS de l' ERP COPLIOTE


• For stocks: management of all flows of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, dynamic management of storage locations, management of inventories, materials, remote stocks.

• For the preparation of orders: preparation by picking, online, to order, by item, etc., identification of products prepared on behalf of the customer, preparation of fixed weight products, variable weight products, in working mode fixed as in on-board working mode, while offering you EDI for logistics service and order preparation.

• Pallet control: palletization, opening of pallets according to the parcel sorter to make pallet ends, control for shipment.

• Loading control: link between the pallet to be shipped, the driver and the truck, pallet traceability, integration of the concept of pallet consignment, while offering you transport EDI.

• Expeditions: edition of transport slips and delivery slips.

COPILOTE’s WMS provides real-time management, scheduling and optimization of your workload for orders to be prepared, packaging and shipping areas. It is a real tool for forecasting out of stock. It is also a real tool for controlling orders and work rate but also a decision support tool.
The COPILOTE agro ERP thus forms a complete business management and piloting solution.


















•   Simplified inventory management
•   Optimization of the storage area
•   Accurate information on the stock in real time
•   Visibility of stocks at each stage of the process