Preparation of orders

In order to manage, plan and optimize the workload in real time, take over the job preparation of the COPILOTE ERP.


Pictogrammes d'illustration WMS logiciel ERP COPILOTEPreparation of orders

• Order type management: customer orders, warehouse orders (pre-orders), pre-orders, shipping without an order.

• Preparation methods: Picking and labeling, processing orders individually, processing orders based on articles, preparation slip, global shipping.

• Administration of the preparation types: reservations, replacement items, replacement / semi-finished products, single product / multiple item packages.

• Methods of preparation: scanning (package, pallet, lot, etc.), registrations (quantity entry, scanning, weighing, etc.).

• Labeling: Multilingual labeling, pallet / packaging / part / sticker / container labeling.

• Palletizing set.

• Preparation for PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)


Monitoring of order preparation

• Monitoring: change of size, change of orders and order positions.

• Control means: load control, management of contracts with fixed dates, FIFO, traceability by date, weighing, prepared / ordered quantities and prepared quantities / articles (weight, part, etc.).

• Visualization and distribution of the workload.

• Monitoring and diagnosis: planning the preparation, checking the preparation, managing the extradition agenda