All goods flows of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products pass through this module. Use the inventory management module of COPILOTE ERP to optimize your inventory management.

Pictogrammes représentant le module WMS de l'ERP COPLIOTE

Schéma descriptif fonctionnalité WMS de l'ERP COPILOTE stocksStock managment

• Location and branch management
• Inventory Management: Quantitative monitoring of multi-unit inventory, management of physical inventory, available inventory, and virtual inventory
• Management of minimum stocks
• Batch management (blocking, company belonging to the batch)
• Management of identified pallets and packaging with management of 2 container levels: shipping units and logistics units
• Management of reusable containers
• Management of accounting and rotating stocks: administrative input or via scan
• Previous inventory calculations: Realization of the inventory situation
• Inventory analysis
• Item management for resources

Inventories according to dynamic locations / chaotic storage

The COPILOTE ERP also offers a dynamic management module for locations to optimize storage. Track their occupancy in real time and determine the best pallet to take out, the best place for an entry or a refill for picking.

• Assistance in creation of warehouses: creation of locations according to series, picking in the table, output of the picking and bulk labels
• Management of picking areas, dematerialized or not
• Warehouse optimization in real time: mass storage by location, transfer area, picking area
• Storage support, input search: Definition of storage rules according to product type (calculation of storage proposals) taking into account the capacity of the locations, pallet heights
• Warehouse optimization: R rules, refill missions for picking areas, management of rotation classes
• Optimization of consumption: search on the starting date



•   Simplified inventory management

•   Optimization of the storage area

•   Accurate information on the inventory in real time

•   Visibility of stocks at every stage of the process

•   More accessible inventory with location management

•   Improved inventory turnover

•   Reduction of the operator’s moves