INFOLOGIC combines essential resources to offer agri-food software for the benefit of its customers:


A business ERP

The agricultural food software COPILOTE meets the requirements of every agricultural industry. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the sectors covered by the ERP  agri – food COPILOTE: Beverages, Wines and Alcohols, Grains and Pet Food, Cold Cuts and Sausages, Confectionery and Chocolate, Fruits and Vegetables, Egg Products, Industrial Bread Making, Ready Meals, Seafood, Dairy Products & Cheese, Dry products, meat, poultry …

An ERP according to activity profile

The COPILOTE Agri ERP is aimed at producers, cooperatives, traders, industrialists and logisticians. It adapts to the processes of the company in which it is implemented, from breeding, managing parcels, to shipping purchased or processed products, whether dry, ultra-fresh, fresh or frozen. …

A scalable ERP

The COPILOTE agro ERP offers perspectives, as it is also suitable for companies with problems such as several companies in different locations and several nationalities.