Agro businesses

RevSliderMetiersAgro ERP : INFOLOGIC knew how to combine essential features in order to serve the customers needs :


   a business solution that has specific features and functionalities designed for the food supply chain,

•   ERP consultants from the food supply chain industries,

•   development teams that answer to the food supply chain demands and regulations and ensure the permanent creation of new features related to the business,

•   the trust and recognition of a large number of manufacturers and traders from the food supply chain in France.



A business ERP

COPILOTE answers to the demands of each food supply chain industry : beverages & spirits, cereals, pork products & salted meat, sweet & chocolate manufacturing, fruits & vegetables, animal nutrition, egg products, industrial bakery, cooked dishes, seafood, dairy products, dry products, mass catering, poultry products…

A profile solution

COPILOTE addresses to producers, cooperatives, traders, manufacturers or logisticians. It adapts to the processes of the company where it is implemented from the farming, the parcel management to the shipping of purchased or transformed products, whether they are dry, fresh or frozen…

A progressive solution

COPILOTE offers perspectives as it addresses to companies with multi-society, multi-site and multi-nationality issues.

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