Software for baked goods, cookies and confectionery

Food Industry – ERP : COPILOTE is a business solution with specific features and functions for each agricultural and food sector. It is perfect for the bakery, pastry, industrial pastry, biscuit making, brioche and confectionery activities.


Photos d'illustration logiciel boulangerie et panification COPILOTE

Photos d'illustration logiciel boulangerie et panification COPILOTE

• Optimization of your purchasing management, supplier contracts for better cost control, real-time identification of suppliers who do not meet your requirements (deadlines, service rates, best-before dates, etc.))

• Control of the mixing and manufacturing processes and compliance with the recipes for various human activities

• Simple implementation of interfaces between the COPILOTE software and your dosing machines, scales, cooking cells …

• Management of waiting times, freezing, thawing and all processes specific to industrial bread making

• Monitoring the cost of your raw materials and the cost prices of your products

• Provision of a perfect traceability with identification of allergens

• Consideration of the INCO standard for a harmonized labeling of food: indication of nutritional values, labeling of allergens and food products, indication of the country of origin or the place of origin of certain products …

• Management of your customer relationship and optimization of the organization of your sales outlets with the COPILOTE agri ERP …

Séparateur de texte


Séparateur de texte

Nutritional information according to INCO standard

The food industry has to face the new INCO regulation No. 1169-2011. Indeed, nutritional labeling of products, which was previously voluntary, has been mandatory since December 13th, 2014. The INCO regulation 1169/2011 enables harmonized labeling of food. It concerns the indication of nutritional information, the labeling of allergens, as well as the indication of the country of origin or the place of origin of certain products.

For manufacturers active in the food industry, this mandatory nutritional display has a direct impact on production. INFOLOGIC supports its customers in compliance with product labeling and offers labeling in its COPILOTE ERP that complies with these regulations. Particular attention is paid to the materials used, which sometimes require drivers to be upgraded.