Software for grain and pet food

The software “Grain & Animal Nutrition” is mainly aimed to cooperatives. The COPILOTE management software takes into account many business specifics:


• Management of the grain collection in the Agri – Food – ERP – COPILOTE

• Provision of different contract levels (hedging contracts, physical contracts, etc.)

• Management of parcels with personalized data: area, variety, seed rate, weather forecast, etc.

• Mastery of cultivation management and perfect knowledge of the costs per plot

• Management of input flows, payment, contract storage taking into account the reduction, all with inventory management through silo

• Integration of information on weighing and sampling processes

• Management of food supplements with the specific feed of the COPILOTE ERP

• Food formulation, drug management, etc.


Thanks to the COPILOTE agri ERP, you have a complete “Grain & Animal Nutrition” software that meets the specifics and restrictions of your industry.



Management of the grain stocks in the COPILOTE ERP

It is important for a cooperative to manage its inventory with highest precision. Thanks to COPILOTE, the cooperative can manage its stocks and thus its various silos. The inventory is monitored by a silo. We know what’s in each of them and who owns it (cooperative or producer). A silo can contain grain from different manufacturers. For example, 50% of the grain in the silo belongs to producer A, 30% to producer B and 20% to the cooperative. The main thing is to take into account the type of grain and its properties, especially the moisture content of the grain.


Grain collection

Small grain producers who have insufficient supplies to store their products turn to cooperatives, either for storage service or to sell their production. COPILOTE helps manage all acquisition phases. When the grain arrives at the cooperative, the weight and type of grain are entered into the software.

COPILOTE also makes it possible to manage the discounts and bonuses according to the tests carried out to determine the quality of the grain and, in particular, its moisture level. The price is determined on the basis of these elements by the grid presented in the software. Furthermore, the weight of the grain can be adjusted according to the determined air humidity. All of this is automatically calculated in the ERP, which limits errors and saves a lot of time.

Julien CHAUDIER, Project Manager Collection Management, R & D INFOLOGIC, explains the collection module, which “simplifies the day-to-day management of cooperatives and ensures precise real-time monitoring of stocks through silos with full traceability from delivery. In addition, discounts are taken into account and all processes up to sales and invoicing are handled. “