Cereals and animal nutrition software

Logiciel nutrition animale et collecte de céréales dans l'ERP agro COPILOTE, progiciel de gestion pour l'agroalimentaireAgro ERP :  the cereal collection and animal nutrition modules are destined to cooperatives. They take into account several business features :


   Manage the cereal collection

   Dispose of different contract levels (coverage contracts, physical contracts…)

   Manage your contracts with customized data: area, variety, sown quantities, weather forecasts…

   Master the culture management and the parcel cost price knowledge

  Manage your contribution, warehousing, storage flows so as to take into account the price reduction, all with a stock management by silo

   Integrate the weighing, direct debit operation information

   Manage the supplementations

   Manage the food, medicine composition…


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Word of cereal                                                                                                                                                                                              collection expert

« The collection module of COPILOTE makes the daily management of cooperatives easier and ensures an accurate tracking and in real time of stocks by silo with a complete traceability, since the delivery by the producer passing by the price reduction management, to the sales and the billing. »

Julien CHAUDIER, Project manager Collection Management, R&D INFOLOGIC.