Software ready meals and processed products

Food Industry – ERP : The COPILOTE software package meets your specific business needs : industrialists who evolve with ready meals, fresh, frozen or canned. It adapts to your process with a complete and optimal visualization of the material flows.


• Manage your manufacturing processes in the ready-made meal software

• Implementation of an optimized production management with production planning (PIC, PEP) and their planning (management of production orders)

• Automation of the product line renewal cycle based on annual sales forecasts

• Completion of production orders by date

• Consideration of mandatory notifications such as nutritional values, handling of allergens and consideration of the INCO standard for harmonized labeling of food: specification of nutritional data, labeling of allergens and nutritional information, mention of the country or place of origin of certain products …

• Visualization of ascending and descending traceability with just a few clicks in Agri-ERP

• Inventory tracking by batch number, bulk inventory management and advanced inventory management of finished products

• Provision of a high-performance EDI system with all major retailers to manage invoice, order and shipping information …




The Manufacturing Execution System (MES), production control system

As a specialist in ready meals, you can control your production in real time with the M.E.S from COPILOTE and ensure detailed and efficient field monitoring.

• Control of the PLC in real time thanks to product-specific adjustments (e.g. oven 4, temperature of 190 ° for 20 minutes for recipe 22) to make your production more reliable
• Control and improvement of productivity with the help of relevant indicators (productivity, score management, etc.)
• Real-time schematic of your operations showing the evolution of your main indicators and sensors
• Performing compliance checks and statistical reviews of your processes (weight checks, control cards, temperatures, gas analyzers, etc.) to make the system more reliable.
• Collect all data from the farm to analyze, control and monitor your indicators for better profitability

With the M.E.S from COPILOTE, your production will be agile and flexible!