Software for eggs and egg products

Food Industry – ERP : Industrialists involved in the packaging and marketing of eggs. The COPILOTE software “Eggs & Egg Products” meets your specific business requirements. It adapts to your process with a complete and optimal visualization of the material flows.


• Provision of the COPILOTE ERP reception management module to optimize the arrival of eggs in the packing center

• Collection of egg receipts via a COPILOTE internet access portal that is used directly by the breeder

• Realization of the traceability to the elementary unit, depending on the requirements

• Interface of the COPILOTE system with all types of machines (calibration machines, ink jet printers, cardboard palletizers, etc.). Real information exchange between the software and the various machines (PLC)

• Increase in performance in both the packing center and the order preparation center: response adapted to the specifications of the end customer thanks to the management of stocks by batch

• Perfect match between calibration requirements, finished goods inventory and customer orders

• Transmission of invoices directly to the breeder, integrating the calibration data with the option of sending via EDI

• Implementation of a cross-location administration for finished commercial products: receipt of the order content and inventory of goods via an electronic delivery note, etc.

• Establishing the full traceability of products and packaging from the grower to the end customer

• Management of customer returns based on the recommended best-before dates


The egg calibration module

One of the unique things about the egg industry is that it is very robotic. It is therefore important that the COPILOTE Agri ERP is correctly connected to the various automated systems (calibrators, inkjet printers, etc.). The software goes even further. Indeed, it enables the recovery of all data from the machines and their processing, for example in the form of dashboards. The COPILOTE ERP calibration module makes it possible to precisely manage the needs. In fact, the “eggs” software takes into account the order in which it subtracts the stock of finished products in order to start only the quantities required during calibration. It is also possible to manufacture packages of finished products from semi-finished products in advance. Finally, thanks to the results of the calibration, the software “eggs” can generate a reliable supplier invoice. EDI delivery is also possible.