Fruit and Vegetable Software

Food Industry – ERP : Whether you are a producer, cooperative, trader, industrialist or logistician of fruit and vegetables, this agro software meets your specific requirements. It adapts to your process, from managing parcels to shipping fresh or processed products.


• Management of plants and orchards in the “Fruit and Vegetables” software COPILOTE

• Germination monitoring

• Management of new entries and approvals

• Payment directly to feeders or members of the cooperative

• Management of tariffs

• Real-time management of stocks and flow of goods

• Providing quality controls at each of your stages: receiving, washing, processing, calibration, packaging, etc.

• Implementation of interfaces to your PLC machines or calibration machines

The COPILOTE Agro ERP is the guarantee for an innovative solution, available via landline, tablet or smartphone with real-time data and dedicated to your fruit and vegetable profile.



The plot management module

The treatment of plants and orchards, the regulations to be followed, the controls you are subject to, the costs you incur in your plots … so many issues that are essential to your business and require vigilance, supervision and reactivity ! With the COPILOTE ERP we offer you innovative functions for easy management of your properties.

In cooperation with Google we have linked our agri – ERP with Google Maps. It is a real management and decision support tool that gives users a clear, fast and personalized view of their data. You see your parcels immediately on the screen, get the related data and the interventions carried out: area, variety, amounts sown … You also access the weather forecast to advance or delay the sowing, treatment or harvesting. To make this tool easier to use and even more operational, all of these functions are also available on the tablet.

With the “Fruit and Vegetables” software from COPILOTE, you can manage your orchards and plants and know exactly your production costs per plot.