Software for nutrition, health and cosmetics

INFOLOGIC also caters to industries related to the food industry such as health nutrition, beauty products, essential oils, perfumes, etc. INFOLOGIC publishes and integrates a complete and accessible ERP that perfectly meets the needs of these companies.



• Management of production

• Production management through planning (PEP) and planning (PO management)

• Automation of the product line renewal cycle based on annual sales forecasts

• Completion of production orders by date

• Consideration of mandatory notifications such as allergens etc.

• Visualization of ascending and descending traceability with just a few clicks

• Inventory monitoring by batch number, management of bulk stocks and stocks of finished products, management of picking activities

• Efficient EDI system with your wholesale partners (GMS, special circuits)

COPILOTE is the guarantee of an innovative solution, available via landline, tablet or smartphone with real-time data and dedicated to your activity profile.


The Manufacturing Execution System (MES), production control system

Are you an industrialist and do you manufacture your products yourself? Use the M.E.S from COPILOTE to control your production in real time and ensure precise and efficient field monitoring.

• Control your PLC in real time thanks to product-specific adjustments and make your production more reliable.

• Control and improve your productivity using relevant indicators (productivity, score management, etc.).

• Create a schematic, real-time representation of your production facility showing the development of your main indicators and sensors.

• Carry out compliance and statistical reviews of your processes (weight checks, control cards, temperatures, gas analyzers, etc.) and make your system more reliable.

• Finally, collect all data from operations in real time to analyze, control and monitor your indicators for better profitability.

With the M.E.S from COPILOTE, your production will be agile and flexible!


A web portal linked to the COPILOTE ERP

You can connect your COPILOTE to an online dealer site. Your customers therefore have reserved access to this website, which is secured by a login and a password. In your area you have information from your COPILOTE ERP, such as B. the schedule, orders or invoices. You can always order directly from your website.

You give your customers the option of placing orders other than by phone or email. Ordering from your dealer site is very quick and has the essential information. It also makes exchanges easier as there is no longer a catalog to be sent or order forms to be exchanged.