Software dairy products

Food Industry – ERP : The COPILOTE software “Dairy products”, which is evolving in the production, maturation and cutting of cheese, but also in the manufacture of dairy products, meets your specific business requirements. It adapts to your process with a complete and optimal visualization of the material flows.


• Management of milk collection

• Responding to cheese aging needs with effective warehouse management, shrinkage monitoring …

• Optimization of the refining operations: flipping, rubbing, checking, washing, soaking, unfolding / folding

• Cheese cut management

• Consideration of mandatory displays such as nutritional values, allergen management, etc.

• Visualization of ascending and descending traceability with just a few clicks

• Have a powerful EDI system with all retail chains

• Point of sale management: minimum inventory calculation, automatic replenishment, management of identified customers and their loyalty, etc.


The management of the sales outlets by COPILOTE

Nowadays the trend is for manufacturers to turn more and more to developing their own distribution network (factory outlet, manufacturer group, etc.). The benefits are clear when you factor in traders’ margins. In order to meet this new need of our customers, we offer a module for the administration of cash registers.

With the point-of-sale management software from COPILOTE, your cash receipts are simplified and your processing is guaranteed:

• Minimum inventory calculation with automatic replenishment in real time
• Selection of articles with a quick search or a barcode reader
• Payment for products with multiple payment methods, receipt printout, invoice, check
• Management of discounts, promotions, offers and price changes
• Management of identified customers and their loyalty
• Provision of prices for a customer who is already in the information system
• Cash desk closing and operations management at the end of the day
• Provision of various statistics in COPILOTE (open items in real time …)
• Implementation of stocks.

With COPILOTE, INFOLOGIC makes your projects easier and simplifies your everyday life.