Software meat

Food Industry – ERP : Industrialists and traders who work with meat and meat products. The COPILOTE software package meets your specific business needs:


• Management after receiving animal numbers, killings and tax returns regarding weight …

• Receipt of carcasses and foreign access: management of tare, weighing, etc.

• Management of the ox stalls (passports, etc.)

• Administration of taxes, fees and contributions on meat (slaughter tax, health slaughter fees, health reduction fees, etc.)

• Management of purchases, slaughter, cutting and separating, integrating the concepts of first, second and third processing

• Management of muscle categories or pieces

• Help with material balancing

• Provide real-time carcass inventory management or inventory by item in quantity and weight with carcass reconstitution

• Prepare orders by monitoring the characteristics of the animal

• Calculation of cost prices

• Compliance with the European classification with our meat software

• Providing full traceability …



Management of compensated and categorical production with COPILOTE

In order to respond to the different types of beef marketing, COPILOTE assists its users in managing sales and categorical sales.
To compensate, COPILOTE manages the traceability of all muscles down to the finest dismantling phase. The software package also ensures the calculation of the yield while the carcass is being reconstituted to know the material lost and then display the calculation of the cost of the animal. The carcass is fully billed to the customer.
For the distribution of categorized articles, COPILOTE provides all the essential information on the material entered for cutting, ordered and available for sale with the possibility of a downgrade, the aim being to balance this material. We receive a cost calculation per piece. Full traceability is guaranteed even with multiple orders on multiple carcasses.
By managing these two marketing methods, INFOLOGIC offers an ERP that best adapts to its customers in the meat industry and reacts to the specifics of this sector.


Provision of working documents

The COPILOTE schedule: based on the order situation, the pre-orders recorded so far, the forecast sales and the stocks at the end of the day, the schedule for the next day is created. COPILOTE suggests the quantities to be produced, converts them to OF with one click and enables the calculation of material, labor and machine resource requirements.

COPILOTE planning: The ERP offers you planning support that uses precise and adaptable rules to calculate the optimal sequence for executing the production orders started from the schedule, including downtimes, series changes …

COPILOTE worksheets: For each production order, you edit a worksheet with the instructions for your piece-wage workers / butchers. By printing photos with expected cuts, you reduce the risk of errors and give your operators reliable media they can rely on.