Sausage software

Whether you are an industrialist or a trader of cold cuts and sausages, the COPILOTE ERP fulfills your specific business requirements. The “Salted Charcuterie” software adapts to your process, from managing your raw material purchases to shipping your finished or semi-finished products.


Photos d'illustration Charcuterie et salaison ERP COPILOTEPhotos d'illustration Charcuterie et salaison ERP COPILOTE

• Control of the calculation of raw material costs taking into account the percentage loss due to drying

• Administration of the preparation and reintegration of a material batch in another production order

• Control of the assembly and disassembly processes of products

• Provide manufacturing forecasts by item based on previous year’s sales

• Control of the short shelf life of cold cuts and the long shelf life in drying processes for salting in a just-in-time flow or over a long-term process

• Provision of efficient inventory management. Consideration of the concepts of drying time, weighing and labeling

• Providing various methods of preparing orders in stock, in recovery, in manufacture

• Contribution of a high-performance EDI system in the COPILOTE Agri ERP with all retail chains


By taking into account all these special features with the “Salting Charcuterie” software from COPILOTE, you can better manage your activities.


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The control of machines with the COPILOTE ERP, which is indispensable in the field of sausage products

To facilitate the use of your equipment, the sausage software integrates all the drivers of the various machines on the market: weighing and labeling machines (BIZERBA, ESPERA, DELFORD, BALANCAI, etc.), production machines, parcel sorters, etc. It is possible to respond quickly to requests to set up an interface responsive, easy to use and very complete.

A statistics tool is also integrated. Thanks to the various indicators given, we quickly identify the positions with the lowest productivity and the reasons. Corrective action can thus be taken. The aim is to optimize all workplaces and analyze the various processes.

For example, you can set up a waste ramp for a parcel sorter. In this way, packages can be identified that may be defective (label torn, barcode illegible, etc.). This optimizes the quality of the packages, solves problems quickly and reduces waste. With this COPILOTE ERP module you gain responsiveness and quality and thus increase your productivity.


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The decision module at the heart of the COPILOTE application: production profile

COPILOTE’s Business Intelligence, which is available in the classic or mobile version, is a real management and decision support tool. Every employee can create dashboards based on their activity.

Let’s take the case of the production manager, who plays an essential role in sausage products: he can access information from the production company in real time. It contains a list of the nomenclatures with the costs per package, the planning differences, the output per production line, the machine cycle times, etc.

With these numerous indicators, you can optimize your planning and production capacities and adapt your manufacturing by visualizing the performance and incidents in real time. Finally, you can track the cost of your raw materials and the cost prices of your production. This is how you manage your business efficiently and profitably.