Poultry software

Food Industry – ERP : Regardless of whether you are an industrialist or a trader in the “poultry” sector, the COPILOTE software fulfills your specific business requirements. It adapts to your process, from poultry farming to integration and shipping of your finished or semi-finished products.


• Management of breeding and integration: livestock management, management of collection rounds, breeder invoices …

• Slaughter management: reception of live animals, weight control, penetration tests, management of batch yields …

• Tool to support material balancing

• Control of the assembly and division processes of products

• Upstream and downstream traceability

• Production forecasts by reference based on previous year’s sales

• Monitoring of the expiration dates

• Efficient inventory management

• Efficient EDI system at all major retailers

With the “Breeding” module from COPILOTE, for example, cooperatives can easily manage all phases of breeding from the moment the chicks are received. To find out more, don’t hesitate to contact us.


The COPILOTE breeding module

The COPILOTE breeding module enables the cooperatives to easily manage all breeding phases from the receipt of the chicks. A list of buildings and the type of breeder is assigned in the software. The species and gender have an impact on the breeding season managed in the ERP.

When creating a ribbon for a specific breeder, different characteristics are indicated: the species, the strain … It is important to inform the feed supplier who allows traceability and influences the certifications: Protected Geographical Indication, origin France, red label, also from managed by the software.

COPILOTE also enables the management of the feeding program, which makes the work of the breeders much easier. The different phases of the feeding program and the corresponding feedings are defined according to the characteristics of the chick and the phases of the program.

So everything is automated. We know how much food is consumed per capita in a certain period of time, which makes it possible to make shopping forecasts.

Thanks to the grouping of data in the ERP, it is possible to calculate the technical results: consumption index, performance index, average daily profit, foreclosure rate, mortality rate, etc. These elements are essential for cooperatives who can use them to make forecasts or take early action to improve these results take …

The COPILOTE breeding module is very complete and covers all functions of breeding, automates a large part and simplifies the daily work of the cooperatives.