Poultry software

Logiciel volailles et abattage dans l'ERP agro COPILOTE, progiciel de gestion pour l'agroalimentaireAgro ERP : whether you are an industrialist or trader of this industry, the ERP COPILOTE answers to your business specificities. It adapts to your process, from the poultry farming, the integration until the shipping of your finished and semi-finished products


   Farming and integration management : livestock management, batch planning and scheduling, collection round trip management, farmer bills…

   Slaughter management : live animals receipt, weight control, dry-aging, yields management by batch…

   Material balancing assistance.

   Control the product assembly and disassembly processes.

   Downstream and upstream traceability creation.

   Manufacturing forecast by reference, based on the sales of the previous year.

   UB control.

   Efficient stock management.

   Efficient EDI system for the supermarkets and hypermarkets.

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