Trade and sales software

Agro ERP : Grocer, COPILOTE retail and distribution software meets your specific business needs. The ERP supports the management of purchases through traceability, EDI and resale.


Use the COPILOTE Agro ERP to optimize your buying and reselling cycles. Regardless of how you are organized, you can use the software to manage the purchase and storage of goods and control your cost prices.

• Buy and sell at the best price

• Purchase and inventory management while improving your service rates

• Improved process from order acceptance to invoicing

• Optimization of resources in order preparation and increased productivity

• Optimization of transport costs: providing the best price in real time with the best carrier in real time

• Real-time and error-free traceability: optimization of volumes in terms of site management, the immediate location of the storage of a pallet, limiting the number of errors during inventory, etc.

• Perfect visibility at your edges

• Creation and tracking of promotions, commercial operations …

• Additional functions: import, export, discount budgets, contracts, litigation