Software for wine, drinks and alcohol

Food Industry – ERP : Cooperative, manufacturer, producer or distributor in the wine, beverage and alcohol sector. The COPILOTE software takes your specific business characteristics into account:


Photos d'illustration logiciel vin COPILOTEPhotos d'illustration logiciel vin COPILOTE

• Management of parcels and their treatment directly on the web portal or on the smartphone

• Management of excise products as well as the customer’s excise number

• Consideration of products with different units (units of account, volume, etc.)

• Management of retailer accounts (VAT return, etc.)

• Administration of taxes and the associated catalog

• Provision of specific reports such as the balance sheet of appeals, the receipt of the management declaration …

• Fast and easy EDI communication with the GAMMA platform for all your declarations, as the COPILOTE ERP is GAMMA certified

• Management of accompanying documents via an assigned interface, via which many actions are started (cancel, enter acknowledgment of receipt, etc.)

• Management of tanks and filling in the COPILOTE wine software …

All of these wine, beverage and alcohol specifications are integrated into COPILOTE, an enterprise ERP for the food industry that offers the following modules: Sales, Purchasing, EDI, Business Intelligence, Finance, GED, CRM, CPAM, MES, Quality, Traceability , Stocks, logistics platform, order preparation, WMS, shipments …



The special features of the COPILOTE ERP wine: the Primeur Order Management module

En Primeur sales, which run from April to June, can account for up to 50% of sales by wine merchants and producers. Speed ​​and flexibility are critical to the success of any campaign. To do this, make the COPILOT ERP your key element:

• Elimination of any double entries between sales administration, accounting and logistics. Your supplier orders are directly linked to your customer orders, with VAT and duties appropriately managed for this sector.
• Use dashboards to monitor your activities in real time and trigger corrective actions directly from your statistics.
• Real-time sales simulations based on your history, forecasts and company sales.

The COPILOTE Agro ERP is the guarantee of a controlled sale.


The special features of the COPILOTE wine and alcohol ERP:

Management of your accompanying documents
If the declarations have been generated automatically according to the regulations, you have a dashboard for monitoring all documents and the document exchange with the GAMMA platform. You perform many actions in this table.

As the sender, the user can:
• Change the addressee, possibly also the date and invoice number.
• Send an accompanying document with the ZOLL – CRA number that you received with the Gamma Emergency Procedure (GPS).
• cancel an order….

As a recipient, the user can:
• reject an order before receipt, enter an acknowledgment of receipt,
• Enter an order if you are collecting it yourself.
• delete an order, in the case of transfer of ownership to third parties …

You control the entire management of your accompanying documents in the COPILOTE wine software via a simple dashboard!