Wine, beverages and spirits software

Logiciel vin dans l'ERP agro COPILOTE, progiciel de gestion pour l'agroalimentaireAgro ERP : cooperative, manufacturer, producer or trader of the Beverages & Spirits industry, COPILOTE takes into account your business features :


   Manage your products submitted to excise, and also the customer excise number

   Manage your products with different units (billing units, volume…)

   Manage your exclusive orders (shifted VAT…)

   Manage the charges and the associated catalogue

   Dispose of specific status as the designation balances, beverage control declaration note…

  Communicate in EDI simply and fast with the GAMMA platform for all your AAD and SAAD because COPILOTE is GAMMA certified

•  Manage your accompanying documents using a dedicated interface from which you can launch several actions (cancel an AAD, enter a receipt notice…)

   Manage the vats and the bottling…


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Specifics of the wine, alcohol and spirits software

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« We are very satisfied with the alcohol management in the system as additional unit with calculation of the item in volume, weight and PAL (pure alcohol litre). »

Philippe FROMENT, IT administrator, EYGUEBELLE

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The features of COPILOTE wine ERP : wine early order managements module

The wine early order sale spread from April to June can represent up to 50% of the traders and wine producers turnover. The success of each campaign is warranted by speed and flexibility. So turn the COPILOTE ERP into your main asset :

•  Delete all the new entries between the sales; accounting and logistics administration. Your supplier orders are directly related to your customer orders with an adapter management of the VAT and rights for this sector.
   Exploit the dashboards to supervise in real time your activity and launch correction operations directly from your statistics.
   Perform sales simulations from your history, your forecasts and firm sales, in real time.

The COPILOTE agro ERP, it’s the insurance of a controlled wine early order.

The features of the COPILOTE wine and alcohol ERP : the management of your accompagnying documents

When the AAD and/or SAAD are automatically managed according to the regulation, you make use of a dashboard for supervising all the documents and document exchanges with the GAMMA  platform. From this table, you can perform several actions.

As a sender, the user will be able to  :
   change a destination, if he wants, the invoice date and no,
send an accompanying document with the ARC no obtained with the Gamma Warning Procedure (GPS),
   cancel an AAD

As receiver, the user will be able to :
   reject an AAD before receipt, enter an acknowledgement,
   create an AAD in case of pick-up to the property by itself,
   audit an AAD in case of pick-up to the property by a third party

You thus pilot all the management of your accompanying documents in the COPILOTE wine software on a simple dashboard !