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21 Oct 2014, in Campus actions
Avec l'ERP agro d'INFOLOGIC vous avez l'augmentation des performances tant au niveau du centre de conditionnement que du centre de préparation de commandes : réponse adaptée au cahier des charges du client final grâce à la gestion des stocks par lot.

INFOLOGIC was present, this year too, at the forum of ESISAR companies, Tuesday 21st of last October in order to meet student and propose new internship offers for 2015.



INFOLOGIC is assisted by ESISAR that trains engineers in embedded and information systems.

Over the years, INFOLOGIC and ESISAR have built a partnership that keeps developing. First it’s the geographical proximity that reunited the two entities. It is around the development of shared projects that the partnership evolves.

Every year, many ESISAR students do their internship at INFOLOGIC. They have the opportunity to be assisted and get involved in real projects. After the training; most of the interns join the company, deeply involved in the training of future engineers that will joint its teams.


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