Cloud computing

INFOLOGIC ensures the support in operational condition of your IS and guides you through its use 24h/24, 7d/7.


INFOLOGIC proposes standard and shared daily operating services of servers from simple piloting to the in-service support (ISS).

In order to detect the anomalies before they appear, INFOLOGIC surveys the servers and the probe status, the disk space use rate, the oracle spaces, the disk storage bay & back-up, the tomcat services status, the PDA display services, the printing services, and also duplications between the servers.

To increase the system use time, INFOLOGIC installs constraints 6d * 24h and plans maintenance interventions outside the schedule hours essential for the customer. The RAM replacement on Sunday afternoon is a meaningful example.

In order to optimize and secure your hardware infrastructure, INFOLOGIC performs regular updates, controls the system, the back-ups and tests the Business Recovery Planning (BRP). A number of days per year is proposed for the good performing of these preventive and corrective actions.

In case of emergency, a fast intervention of our teams can be deployed. The INFOLOGIC contracts offer this latitude.