Dematerialization, archiving

COPILOTE ensures the paper data medium processing into digital documents.


Throughout its EDI offer, INFOLOGIC dematerializes the invoices, estimates… and classifies them in a centralized manner. The digital – type documents are directly inserted in the system. Thus, you improve and control the circulation of information, process the information faster and get to save money for printing, transportation and storage costs.

In order to provide its customers with a quality service, INFOLOGIC has different certifications, especially for the dematerialization and archiving or invoices. INFOLOGIC brings to its customers certified tools, approved and which answer to well defined quality criteria. Quite recently, the Interoperability Chart of the electronic billing solutions was signed with GS1, official codification organization, having developed a common language, based on proven standards, recognized and adapted to the requirements of each of the participants of the procurement chain.

Going further, INFOLOGIC also offers the dematerialization and archiving of invoices, and not just via EDI. It is possible to dematerialize and archive the invoices during 10 years, in 3 ways : sending invoices to a router, for being sent, via mail, to the final customer, sending of invoices by e-mail in PDF to the final customer, by complying with the standards imposed by the DGI, or EDI standardized GS1 sending.