Documentary management

Digitalization, automatic archiving, digital storage, digital signature… COPILOTE is your ally.


Choose COPILOTE’s EDM and considerably reduce the time allocated to the documents processing and search. Facilitate your documents’ search with the assistance of an integrated QR code, for an automatic classification. Save time by mass scanning your documents. Identify your missing documents with the assistance of configured warnings. Make use of up-to-date documents, classified fast and simply available.

For example, INFOLOGIC offers applications allowing dematerializing all types of documents. It is the case of the dematerialization tool of transportation documents on tablet. Each time a carrier goes for a round trip, he has a delivery slip and matching delivery notes, in duplicate (one for the customer and one that goes back to the company). Once the round trip finished, the carrier should scan all the delivery notes and invoices in order to digitize them. This takes an important amount of time. With the COPILOTE application, all is computerized, the delivery slip, the DNs, the invoices… It is even possible to annotate and digitally sign the different documents. This is, for example, necessary in case of a merchandise fault. It is directly notified on the PDF document. The application also allows managing the litigations and cash inflows. Finally, thanks to the geolocation, we know, in real time, the trucks’ position and the round trip progress.