SMS and fax

SMS and fax sending from COPILOTE.


Smartphones play a leading role, not only in our daily life, but also at a business level. INFOLOGIC has developed a SMS or fax – sending offer, directly from the ERP COPILOTE. This tool enables the SMS or fax automatic sending for customers, for warning them at the order’s arrival, once the order receipt is entered in COPILOTE. The message can be customized with all the desired pieces of information : customer name, order no, company’s opening hours… Afterwards, you can display, on a screen, all the SMS and/or fax sent and their status.

The tool also manages the acknowledgements. This allows to launch again a customer who did not come to find his order within X days (to be previously defined). It is also possible to warn the customer via SMS, in case of delivery delay.

Finally, mass SMS sending to a list of customers/prospects based on a criterion (geographical criterion, most ordered product…) is scheduled for announcing a product promotion.