Developer for research and innovation

Researcher-type developers with a long-term vision will explore new ambitious ways to develop tomorrow’s ERP. COPILOTE offers an impressive amount of field data through use by our industrial customers. It is therefore a great playground for artificial intelligence development, data mining, optimization, etc., and for imagining and deploying the future capabilities of COPILOTE. Several works are in progress as a part of our services.


Developer “Tools”

Technical enthusiasts can develop their skills here, as it is a matter of creating the essential “building blocks”, the lowest code levels that will be used for developing the future functions of COPILOTE. The various layers must be fully mastered and adhesion with the tools used should be limited. Your role is important so that function developers can work with solid foundations and adapted tools. The aim is also to implement the latest technologies in ERP while maintaining a certain degree of robustness and, in particular, to ensure that the Java code is passed on on the web.


Function developer

This is about working on real topics: those of our customers. This essential profile has the task of developing the functions that will be used directly by our customers, which requires a very good knowledge of the food industry environment. The function developer is in close contact with the “tools” teams on the one hand and the consultants on the other. He may also need to visit certain customers. Depending on experience or affinity, he specializes in one of the COPILOTE modules: trade management, production management, finance …



The test service at INFOLOGIC is growing because the challenge is great: Testers have to ensure that the software meets customer requirements with a high level of quality, good performance and ergonomics, but also a high level of security. This is an essential task to ensure the stability of the software and to save valuable time for developers. Manual and automatic, technical and functional tests, and performance and stress tests are all possibilities that the tester explores.