INFOLOGIC, ERP editor, creates your information system and takes care of its complete management. This ranges from the installation of the solution to daily use, both in software and in hardware.
Our teams are made up of employees from the food industry and experts in IT project management as well as teams of experts in new technologies! The INFOLOGIC ERP editor has extensive specialist and specialist knowledge of your sector.



Our team of engineers ensures that our COPILOTE software package is issued completely autonomously. Our regular product launches are an asset to your competitiveness. We listen to your needs so that our applications do justice to your company’s environment.

Technical infrastructure

For efficient integration, a hardware architecture must be considered that is suitable for the operation of the company and the correct use of the COPILOTE ERP. Regardless of whether the infrastructure is installed at the customer’s or in the INFOLOGIC data centers, optimization remains a priority.

For these reasons, INFOLOGIC technicians also install servers, PCs, printers, trackers, etc. on site. These devices are selected with care and are perfect for using the COPILOTE ERP. It also helps to ensure optimal security and functionality of the systems through maintenance and preventive measures.




Deployment & training

Business consultants take care of the installation of COPILOTE. This ranges from the analysis of needs to the acceptance of the Information System. The project director, accompanied by project managers by module, takes care of piloting the implementation. He supports you in your change management. In addition, certified trainers, experts from the industrial world and experts in the COPILOTE software solution train users in the correct use of the system.



Assistance / Support , maintenance & upgrades

Depending on your constraints, the support is comprehensive. Whether by email, phone, online assistance, you are supported in the daily use of COPILOTE. The automatic escalation of alerts facilitates your exchanges with the INFOLOGIC teams to quickly identify your needs. Your IT system is not frozen, but evolves accordingly to your needs and the evolution of your business. Finally, a new version of the COPILOTE ERP is offered to you every 6 months, each time including new features.