Technological choices

Choix technologiques innovants et pérenne avec le développement du logiciel de gestion COPILOTE entièrement en langage JAVAInnovative and sustainable technological choices with the development of the COPILOTE management software entirely in JAVAINFOLOGIC language aims to anticipate future practices and deploys a strategy resolutely turned towards innovation. The solutions are entirely developed in Java language according to a 3-tier architecture. Under the impetus of ORACLE, GOOGLE and a strong Open Source community, Java is more than ever a long-lasting and constantly evolving language.

This mastery of technologies thus gives the user many possibilities:

  the use of tactile and graphic functions,

  the use of media such as tablets and smartphones,

  the use of integrated tools,

  the integration of external data and marriage of this data with internal data,

  the interface to production and dispatching machines, and with transitic tools …

Our research & development team is now focused on implementing a web client to complement the rich Java client. R&D at INFOLOGIC is taking shape in a set of projects aimed at providing better customer service tomorrow. Thanks to this approach, we want our COPILOTE ERP to be more “user friendly”, more intuitive, richer in operations with high added value, while remaining a business. Of course, this work is not done to the detriment of what forms the basis of the COPILOTE ERP today: security, reliability and robustness. 

For INFOLOGIC, R&D is not a project but a vision which encompasses all of the company’s actions.