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07 Apr 2015, in Customers testimonials
GODARD, spécialiste du foie gras travaille avec le PGI agroalimentaire fourni pour l'entreprise d'édition et intégration des logiciels, INFOLOGIC.

The company GODARD CHAMBON ET MARREL, specialist of foie gras and manufacturer of cooked meals, has chosen to trust INFOLOGIC, by installing in 2012, COPILOTE, the new generation ERP of INFOLOGIC. Philippe VINTJOUX, IT manager of the company, recalls the first year with COPILOTE.


Photo Philippe Vintejoux Godard foie gras« What we appreciate at COPILOTE is having a complete solution. In fact, the ERP COPILOTE covers all the company’s functions, from the raw materials acquisitions, to the shipping of finished or semi-finished products. This allows having a single beneficiary, who knows us very well, for thus gaining in reactivity », explains Philippe VINTEJOUX. He adds : « we moved from an ageing system, which no longer answered to all our expectations, to a software rather simple to use and quite pleasant in terms of graphics. This completely changes our working conditions. »…