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GROUPE GP testimonial

07 Apr 2015, in Customers testimonials
COPILOTE, un outil intuitif et facile d’utilisation qui procure des gains de temps notamment pour les traitements journaliers.

The GROUPE GP, specialist in the distribution of fresh meat products, especially poultry, has chosen to trust INFOLOGIC, by installing in 2013, COPILOTE, INFOLOGIC’s ERP on all its sites. Ghislaine IMBRECHT,  Quality controller and Nicolas COMBRE, Chief Operating Officer, recall their experience with COPILOTE.


« We have chosen INFOLOGIC because the company had a strong knowledge of our field beyond the tool. It was especially perceived in the approach with the interlocutors, with a strong understanding of our problem. When we saw the work performed at LDC, we told ourselves that the tool had resources. […] Our job is linked to the acquisition logistics as we trade. We have a reactivity problem with regards to the production, in terms of orders entry, access to decision tools and different information of the production. This was the stake of our project and we had to make the editor understand our problem, in order for provide answers… ».