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14 Nov 2017, in Customers testimonials

The PIERRE SCHMIDT GROUP, market leader and ambassador of Alsatian culinary know-how for cold cuts, sausages and delicacies, entered into a partnership with INFOLOGIC more than 20 years ago. The PIERRE SCHMIDT GROUP is strengthening its trust in INFOLOGIC by setting up the COPILOTE ERP this year. Valérie RIETSCH, project manager, discusses the project and the choice of COPILOTE.

A long term project

Valérie RIETSCH has joined the PIERRE SCHMIDT GROUP to implement the new ERP within the group. She explains the reasons for choosing the COPILOTE ERP and in particular the phases of the project.

The project

“We have built a long-term partnership with INFOLOGIC. The PIERRE SCHMIDT GROUP and INFOLOGIC have been working together for more than 20 years. When we wanted to update our IT system, we put the project out to tender. We have examined various offers from general service providers and food specialists. We ended up choosing INFOLOGIC for several reasons. The main reason is that we were satisfied with our provider and that he already knew the house. INFOLOGIC has also convinced us with a product that is up to the task and is attractive in terms of ergonomics and functionality. INFOLOGIC also has a significant capacity to adapt and support. », Explains Valérie RIETSCH.

Efficient deployment

“Overall, the work with COPILOTE went very well and the deadlines were met. We received very good support from the INFOLOGIC teams. For our part, the IT team, the project committee made up of key users, and the steering committee made up of members of the management team all participated in the project. We really worked as a team with INFOLOGIC and I think this is the key to the success of our project. This is a collective effort and INFOLOGIC was there when we needed it. For the group, the transfer of the data from AGROV2 was associated with a lot of control work, in fact we are very satisfied with it today.
I would have no hesitation in recommending COPILOTE to other food manufacturers. I have already done that. “.

An editor and integrator

“The fact that INFOLOGIC is both publisher and integrator of its own solution; that’s a real benefit. I was hired 2 years ago to set up the ERP within the group and I know from my previous experience that it is often difficult to bring in an external integrator. INFOLOGIC consultants know their product and, above all, our business and our group. That saves us time. We can project ourselves. We know we can develop the solution further. INFOLOGIC proves to us by constantly offering new functions that it is a dynamic company that is evolving. It is also the guarantee of a long-lasting and solid company. “, acknowledges Valérie RIETSCH.

An agri-food ERP

“INFOLOGIC’s specialization in the food industry is a real asset. The company has a better understanding of the activities and constraints associated with the food industry, such as expiry date management or the commercial strategy of mass distribution. A generalist solution is becoming Fulfilling 80% of our requirements. It was not enough for us. The COPILOTE ERP can cover almost all of our needs and react to most of the peculiarities of our activities. In addition to the agri-food specialization of the ERP, we were also supported by experienced consultants who both Know the food industry as well as IT. “.

One ERP with multiple locations

“The fact that COPILOTE is designed for companies with multiple locations was a real advantage for us. In fact, we have 4 locations and 5 companies, and COPILOTE has made it possible to manage a common data management across the 4 locations, especially at the level of the basic files (articles, customers, etc.). Management is centralized and we have tighter oversight of what is being created. We have fair data for everyone. This changed the organization of the group a little, as each location managed its own data. Everything is centralized now. We have one person in charge of the customer repository and one person in charge of the article repository. They are the guarantors for the clear data. “