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MARIE testimonial

07 Apr 2015, in Customers testimonials

The company MARIE, manufacturer of fresh and frozen ready meals, a subsidiary of the LDC Group, has decided to take over COPILOTE, the INFOLOGIC ERP. Stéphane PLUMAS, Director of Group Information Systems, explains his experience with COPILOTE.



[Manufacturer of ready meals] € 246 million turnover

674 employees

7 locations


Photo Stéphane Plumas LDC marie plats cuisinés

 INFOLOGIC was able to react positively to the company MARIE, which wanted to install the ERP quickly. The heads of the LDC group wanted to homogenize the installations of all their companies as quickly as possible, but also to achieve a quick return on investment.


Fast and efficient provision

“We decided to deploy all functions of COPILOTE in 9 months. Our facilities include sales, purchasing, CAPM, accounting, EDI and logistics supervision. Despite the concern about change management, the entry into the software was thanks to the ergonomics and customization of the software to the company both in terms of vocabulary and in terms of the process quickly and easily. ”Says Stéphane PLUMAS, CIO of the LDC Group.


A quick return on investment

The implementation of the ERP within the MARIE company in 9 months made it possible to save money as quickly as possible. “The return on investment was very quick. It happened on several levels. On the one hand in relation to server pooling, but also to stop hosting and maintenance of the SAP application. Finally, there is the use of group skills that we had with the COPILOTE tool that MARIE benefits from today. », Estimates Stéphane PLUMAS.



 COPILOTE is a corporate ERP that meets the specifics of the individual industries. “INFOLOGIC, an agro-nutrition specialist, was able to meet all of our needs.”, Pleased with Stéphane PLUMAS. “The advantage for a company like MARIE is that teams with strong skills are available both in the food industry to provide the Understand specific technical terms for our work, but are also technically strong. “. Stéphane PLUMAS also mentions” the responsiveness of the teams due to a single contact, which is a clear advantage. “.

“The advantage is having strong teams” in terms of skills and being technically strong.



“With the INFOCENTER we can receive daily, weekly, monthly or even annual reports that give the managers of the various companies in the group key indicators for the various modules such as purchasing, sales or production management.” This enables our managers to make the right decisions. ” , comments Stéphane PLUMAS. They have reliable data in real time, are up-to-date and meet your requirements.


“The INFOCENTRE enables the executives of the various” companies in the group to make the right decisions. “



The EDI developed by INFOLOGIC is fully integrated in COPILOTE, which makes it really all-inclusive.

Stéphane PLUMAS explains: “With EDI we can interact with our customers, suppliers, freight forwarders and other applications. It has become important for us that EDI is fully integrated into the ERP.”


[Scope of solutions for 1000 users:] Purchasing, sales, business intelligence, finance, EDI, administrative CAPM, workshop manager, inventory, order preparation and shipping modules.



MARIE tells us that she is satisfied with her choice of COPILOTE:

– an innovative choice

– a longstanding choice

– a won bet

– a proven choice

– a permanent choice


COPILOTE, that is the right choice!